Source code for lightonml

import pkg_resources
import warnings

    package = pkg_resources.get_distribution('lightonml')
    __version__ = package.version
except pkg_resources.ResolutionError:
    __version__ = "unversioned"

# Don't expose pkg_resources in module's namespace
del pkg_resources

    # Cleanup possibly existing global opu loggers
    # noinspection PyPackageRequirements
    import spdlog
except (ImportError, RuntimeError):
    # Don't expose spdlog in module's namespace
    if "spdlog" in vars():
        del spdlog

_logger = None
# Set to 0, 1, 2 or 3
_verbose_level = 0
_has_warned_spd = False
_ml_data_dir = ""

[docs]def get_ml_data_dir(): """Set the location the directory used in lightonml.datasets""" global _ml_data_dir return _ml_data_dir
[docs]def set_ml_data_dir(value): """Set the location the directory used in lightonml.datasets Overrides location defined in /etc/lighton/host.json or ~/.lighton.json Overridden by environment variable LIGHTONML_DATA_DIR """ global _ml_data_dir _ml_data_dir = value
# noinspection PyUnresolvedReferences
[docs]def set_verbose_level(verbose_level): """Set the log_level for the lightonml module. Once change, one has to re-execute the get_trace_fn and alike Levels are 0: nothing, 1: print info, 2: debug info, 3: trace info """ global _verbose_level, _logger _verbose_level = verbose_level __init_logger() if _logger: import spdlog if verbose_level <= 0: _logger.set_level(spdlog.LogLevel.OFF) elif verbose_level == 1: _logger.set_level(spdlog.LogLevel.INFO) elif verbose_level == 2: _logger.set_level(spdlog.LogLevel.DEBUG) elif verbose_level >= 3: _logger.set_level(spdlog.LogLevel.TRACE)
def get_verbose_level(): global _verbose_level return _verbose_level
[docs]def get_debug_fn(): """Returns debug logging function, or blank if logging level isn't debug""" return __get_logging_fn(2, "debug")
[docs]def get_trace_fn(): """Returns trace loggeing function, or blank if logging level isn't trace""" return __get_logging_fn(3, "trace")
def get_print_fn(): from lightonml.internal import utils global _verbose_level if _verbose_level >= 1: return print else: return utils.blank_fn def __get_logging_fn(threshold_level, spd_level): from lightonml.internal import utils global _verbose_level, _logger, _has_warned_spd if _verbose_level >= threshold_level: __init_logger() if _logger: # Return the logging function (_logger.debug or _logger.trace) return getattr(_logger, spd_level) else: if not _has_warned_spd: warnings.warn("To have logging, install the spdlog package") _has_warned_spd = True return utils.blank_fn else: # below threshold, logger will be a blank function return utils.blank_fn def __init_logger(): """Init the logger, if spdlog is installed""" global _verbose_level, _logger, _has_warned_spd try: # Module is imported only once import spdlog # If spdlog package is available, instantiate a trace logger if not _logger: try: _logger = spdlog.get("opu") except RuntimeError: _logger = spdlog.ConsoleLogger("opu") except ImportError: _logger = None # Finally make OPU available at the package level # noinspection PyPep8 from lightonml.opu import OPU